Tycoon Builder - 1.1 [3Ds Max tool]

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With Tycoon you can easily create custom bending meshes and auto snap/align them together. You can also twist and taper meshes.

Tycoon is extremely useful if you want to create objects like: Pipes, Cables, Rollercoasters, Fences, Roads, Buildings, Bridges, Street lights, Walls, other modulair objects and even Squid tentacles ^^

Supported on 3Ds Max 2015 and up. (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 etc)



Tycoon Help & Info


Made by: Yvo von Berg

Technical Artist & 3D Generalist

If you find a way to to break Tycoon / bug reports : please let me know!



Without macrobutton install:

1: Extract the tycoon.zip file.

2: Drag _tycoon in to your 3Ds Max.

3: Done!

With macrobutton install:

1: Extract the tycoon.zip file.

2: Place the "Tycoon" folder in your 3Ds max scripts directory.

3: Drag the tycoonMacro in to your 3Ds Max.

4: Go to custom interface > toolbars > dropdown category ... YvovonBerg_Tools > Tycoon Beta

5: Select Tycoon Beta and drag it to a place in your UI to dock it.

6: Launch the macro.

7: Done!

1.1 Changelist:

- Fixed Tycoon for all non-english versions ( Such as Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean etc. Should work in all 3Ds Max versions )

- Fixed bug with selection still on using customPiece modifier. (While adding, direction, twisting and taper)

- Fixed alignment bug with non-watertight models / Planes for example.

- Rotating your custom mesh to work for the world Z axis is no longer necessary, simply rotate the pivot of your mesh into the direction you want to build and hit ADD+ It will also works if the custom mesh is rotated. You can now also flip the direction by changing the pivot to the other side and rotating it. (Should be automatic in a future update)

- Fixed rename: Tycoon will no longer rename your custom mesh.

- Disabled default undo, so Tycoon will no longer crash, maybe in a future update there will be some sort of undo/go back button.

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Tycoon Builder - 1.1 [3Ds Max tool]

4 ratings
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